The Only Podcasting Tools Checklist You Will Need to Start a Podcast.

The complete list of tools you need to start a podcast. Including Microphones, headphones, softwear hosting and more.

Easy planning worksheet that will add oomph to your content marketing.

Behind every sucessful podcast is a plan this workshet will assist you to make yours awesome.

Our guide to storytelling via podcast. To drive engagement and conversion.

Exclusive workbook and audio series designed to maxamise your padcast. Turnning it into a client attraction magnet.

Hiya! We are Audipod,

Podcast and

Audio Production


We help coaches, wellness professionals, authors, share their message with the world in a bold and accessible way. Through podcast, we work alongside businesses to build a thriving, engaged audience around your offering. This is how your business can become a rockstar and generate more leads and sales.
We produce Audio products, Podcasts, and our programs include Audio Branding, Storytelling and podcast strategy.

Want to start a podcast?

But don’t know where to start or how to go about it?

Want to share a message?

Learn how to craft your content and message.

Increase client engagement through podcasting.

Now, you have a podcast and want your time back?

Let us handle all the “Tech”, editing and post production.  ​

Why you need an open mic for your business.

Why you need an open mic for your business.

Podcasting is an exceptional way for health and personal development businesses to connect with your audiences, clients, and other businesses. These are some of the ways to make one. Interview interesting people Make a list of people and businesses you would like to...

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