Hiya, Welcome

To the home of Podcasting without the “Tech Headaches”


Shhhhhh we are actually a digital marketing agency

Ok you got us. We offer a mix of creative, technology and strategy services however the area we excel at is Podcasting.

We love Audio

We also like selecting the best technology and multimedia to deliver information, campaigns, and services that get people excited. + we love coffee.


A good mix

We combine creative design, art, audio production, web and app services with. Online marketing, including lead generation, coustomer accquistion and retention stratigies.

My Story

Hi, I’m Jo, Podcast Junkie, health nut and I’m also passionate about helping those with a message to share.

Audipod has a mission to help others, by assisting wellness professionals deliver their message and make an impact.

Audipod makes it easy for you to build an audience and share your message. Gain exposure and sales – “It’s marketing the easy way”

Let’s chat, so we can talk about a strategy for your business to be able to inspire, share and connect.

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