Podcasting Is The New Black

We make podcasting for your business easy. Record your message and send us the file. We will take care of all the “tech stuff” which are editing, sound engineering, Intro, Outro, ID tagging, hosting, and sharing to Itunes, your social media, and other platforms.

Record your episode on your computer or phone (We can tell you how). From there just upload the media file to our shared Dropbox folder.

We edit your raw audio recording and we will take out all the awkward silent bits, ums, like, but and make you sound great.

Next, our Audio Engineer will optimise your audio by reducing hisss, background noise and making you sound even better.

We now add appropriate ID tags, metadata, show notes, links, and artwork.

Highlights, key points, and tweetable or social sharing options. At this point, we can also transcribe your show.

You then click approve and share it with the world

Podcast Knowhow

Podcast Coaching and training to fast track your results.

Use sound to build your brand

Audio branding refers to the soundscape your podcast, audiobook or audio product has. Maximize your audio branding to increase engagement with your listeners, increase your recognition and spark emotion in your audience.

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Storytelling for podcast

Discover how to tell stories specific to your business that drive connection, engagement, and sales.
We cover the steps to creating great content for your business that includes brainstorming, content creation strategy, storyboarding, storytelling strategy, language, phrases, and emotion. Plus we look at what inspires and drives your ideal audience and clients. You will uncover the stories and content your clients and audience need want and are looking for.

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