Let’s Start Podcasting

Start Playing the Podcast Game

So you want to build a podcast? Great when I first started I sat down and googled “How to start a podcast.” Wham Bam! I quickly found myself feeling like Alice and the bottom of the rabbit hole. After she has drunk the shrinking potion.

I found an overwhelming number of guides, books, lists and detailed explanations and reviews of microphones and podcasting accessories.  So I hear you. How about we fast track all that and look at a strategy specific to your business and show? 


Actionable Strategy Session

During the 45 min Strategy session, we will discuss in detail how you can use a podcast to grow your business. You will recive specific examples and ideas you can action. Plus we have done it and do it all the time so we can tell you what it really takes for a podcast to get results and not turn into a time sucking vortex of doom  – you need to employ some strategy.




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