Podcasting is an exceptional way for health and personal development businesses to connect with your audiences, clients, and other businesses. These are some of the ways to make one.

Interview interesting people

Make a list of people and businesses you would like to have in your network. Among the list you made, select the people who interest you the most and who will potentially add value to your business and will be interesting to your audiences or clients. Plan your method of approach to invite these individuals and businesses to share their stories with you through the interview and be on your podcast. You can invite through any means that you think can be effective either personally invite them or email them with sincere intent of highlighting anything of value that they wanted to share with your audience.

Be ready to “Bring It.”

The best part of an “open mic night” is just like when you hear something great, be that of an amazing guitar player or a song that picks your interest. When you effectively invite the people on your list to be part of your podcast, it’s time to outline the questions you would like to ask them that will be of interest and value to your audience which should be related to the nature of your business or service you want your audience to know.

Share the content and promote the interview


Open mic can only be successful if you can pick your audience’s interest to listen and follow your podcast. Most importantly, let your guest, people you’re going to interview, know that you support whatever projects or services they would like to share with your audience. Therefore, it’s come out as a two-way benefit exchange.

Promote your podcast through various ways. You can ask your audience to subscribe and get updates to any future shows. You can also invite and encourage audiences to send their questions, share the podcast and make a song and dance about the outcome.

Give them a round of applause


Thanking your guest for the opportunity and share the love ask if you can promote their businesses, website, or any projects that they are doing. As mentioned earlier, it’s a benefit exchange. They help you to gain more audiences or clients, and you help them promote theirs too. Do not forget to ask for a great feedback from your guest as it can help boost your podcast’s reputation. What will be the next step? Be sure you ask them to share the interview and let them know when it will be “live.” If you can keep in touch or support their business or advocacy, it might open more doors and opportunities for you too.

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